Holy legwarmers Batman!

So, I just watched Flashdance for the very first time ever. And....I'm kind of underwhelmed. I think if I hadn't been distracted by the copious amounts of body glitter and the big hair, I would have enjoyed it more. I do think I honestly maybe would have identified more if I had seen it when I was younger, in the 80s, when I was doing some bad hair/clothes/jelly shoes things. But, I do appreciate the message and going after your dreams and so on. My staff, in an effort to help me with the cultural norms and such, has made a list on my office door of all the movies that I "have" to see to be "normal." So far, we've gotten through Back to the Future (1 &2), Batman (with Jack Nicholson) and now Flashdance. Soon to be crossed off the list: The Breakfast Club Say Anything


meghan said...

I'm with you on Flashdance (and even the Back to the Futures), which I did see when I was much younger, but you haven't seen The Breakfast Club?? Get on that. Glorious.

Holly said...

Chris hadn't seen the Breakfast Club until recently. Or the Sound of Music. We are slowly working through all these issues ;)

At least you will appreciate the JC Penney commerical soon enough!

Benjamin said...

STAR WARS!!!!!!!!