Actually, not so much.

1.19.2010 Comments: (2)
For reasons beyond my control, the everyday posting is going to have to be delayed for another time. We're just sort of in survival mode over here, trying to get everything squared away to go be with my family for the weekend. Thanks for all the well wishes, warm thoughts and love you're all sending. I can feel it :)

Songs of doom

1.16.2010 Comments: (2)
The last five songs that have gotten stuck in my head for DAYS at a time. I now know all the words and I wish I didn't.
Tik Tok - Ke$ha
--WHAT IS WITH the money sign? And seriously, days and days and days. It will not go away. So, I play it over and over so that Dan can also experience the torture.
Meet Me Halfway - Black Eyed Peas
--Just a few lines from the chorus actually, which makes it even worse.
Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus
--I'm so ashamed.
Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
--Paired with mental images of horrible outfits
Halo/Walkin on Sunshine mashup - Glee Cast
--The tempo is so frantic! I find myself rushing whenever it's bouncing around in my head.
Sweet Dreams - Beyonce
--Am I the only one who things Beyonce and Shakira look alike?
So what songs have been torturing you lately?

This Holiday Season = epic fail.

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Since, three days in, I already failed at posting everyday, I thought I would list how else I mostly failed this holiday season.
These are all things I totally planned on doing and then I woke up and I was on a plane back to the East Coast, so didn't quite work out.
--No holiday cookie baking
--No advent calendar making
--Last minute Christmas shopping for family (hello, December 23)
--Cards sent out way late
--No cards for my staff and co-workers
*sigh* I feel much better after baring my soul to the interwebs. Thanks for listening.

Holiday favorite things

1.14.2010 Comments: (1)
1. My aunt Janis being incredibly thrilled when she unwrapped a Hickory Farms summer sausage from Dan in her stocking (because, no lie, she loves encased meat)
2. Doing three puzzles at Missy and Franklin's while watching several Harry Potter movies
3. Talking with Josh on Skype and Ben on Gchat on New Years Eve, with their images on a huge TV, technology blowing everyone's minds
4. People loving the holiday gifts I chose for them (great feeling, for serious)
5. Josh Greenspan's mustache
6. Visiting our friends Chris and Holly (and their daughter Lily) and playing Catchphrase, finally looking at the clock and being shocked it's almost 4 AM, and we still have an hour drive home
7. Sneaking Dana out of her awful afternoon meeting
8. Visiting Dana and Larry's first home! It's pretty amazing. They're grown ups.
9. Making a fantastic, if not disfigured looking, chocolate mint 2 layer cake at 1:30 AM with Dana
10. Having our plane in Las Vegas (layover) smell like burning rubber right before we were supposed to leave the gate, all the flight attendants rushing to the front of the plane. (We got a new one)

Almost a month of silence.

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Well, we almost reached the month mark without any blog posts. Because we're awesome. But, in our defense, most of that time we were away for holidays and furloughs and everything, so I don't feel that bad.
I've decided that we're going to try and focus less on what we're doing, and more on what we're thinking, reading, etc. Of course, if we travel, we'll talk about it, but that's all we've talked about since summer, and that gets boring to read I think. Hey look, someone we know went somewhere that we haven't been personally! Not exciting.
I'm also hoping Dan blogs more, because my spring semester is going to be some flat out crazy busy. Spring semester is always always faster paced than fall, but this spring I'm teaching again and have a 10 hour/week fellowship in another office in addition to my job. So, yeah. I'm going to be tired.
But, to ease myself back into blogging, I'm going to try to post every day for the rest of January and it will be the month of lists. Just because I like lists. I toyed with the idea of today's post being a list of the other lists I'll write, but decided that ventured too far into the bad place.
How about a general goal type list to go with the New Years Resolution feel to start us off.
Things I'm doing this year
-Visiting a new local attraction every month (January - local beer brewery)
-Learning something new every month (January - how to play chess!)
-Taking my makeup off every night before bed (don't judge - this is harder than it sounds)
-Not acquiring any books until June 1, possibly longer (my "to be read" pile is close to 150...)
-Eating vegetarian one entire week every month
-Ignoring frustration and trying out new ways to exercise until something works for me and doesn't feel like a punishment
-Reading at least 55 books (because last year I read 54)
-Going to the Gorge again if I can
-Continuing to be crunchy
-Video-chatting with Deborah in Australia, skype-ing with anyone who wants to
What are you doing this year?