Other California goings on...

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I am on a posting ROLL people! I hope you're as impressed with me as I am with myself. So what do I actually have to talk about... *I'm 38 books into my goal of reading 50 books this year. It's feeling very accomplishable at this point. Plus, books are moving out of the house as they're being read, which means I can buy more books soon. (If you haven't heard, I'm currently banned from buying more books. Because they threaten to take over the whole of our apartment.) *Last weekend's adult plans to go to Target and Costco also ended up including Michaels, Office Depot and IKEA (twice). Oh my do I feel suburban. *I'm really enjoying the fact that I've actually gotten to watch the first three VT football games! I didn't think I'd be able to watch many this year since we aren't ranked, so I've been very happily surprised. Dan and I are hoping to watch a couple with the Bay Area VT Alumni Association and perhaps even meet some people. Only took a year... *We did go the first Cal game (Cal/Michigan State) although we didn't buy season tickets this year, as we weren't really feeling the games out here. But, I was really eager to see some college football. So, there we were. The Golden Knights (Josh - is that name right? I know we talked about it while you were here) also parachuted into the stadium at halftime, to the delight/horror of the girl behind us, who kept exclaiming "He's landing too fast!" while not thinking through the fact that this was probably NOT their first time doing this. Student Section: *My staff seriously does love Dan. See below. *Still love the fog. Photo is taken from the Lawrence Hall of Science at night (obviously)

Because urban hikes have feelings too...

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Well, I realized that after last night's entry, I completely neglected a hike we had done in June, the same day we had gone to the SF Pride Parade. As opposed to the hike of doom, this hike was nice and short, and not nearly as traumatizing. However, our circumstances were again not ideal, as we had already been on our feet standing watching the parade for over three hours*, but we still really enjoyed it, and the neighborhood. While Bernal Heights (previous posts) isn't overly easily accessible to us, more exploring in Corona Heights (this hike) is a definite possibility. The neighborhood is surrounded by nice parks with lots of green spaces, accompanied by views, and also has a really nice small community feel, with a street full of small everyday needs businesses (coffee shops, cafes, grocery, dry cleaner, etc.) and some community gardens.
Themes of this hike: More views, lovely homes, coyotes, and ever more public parks.
*San Francisco does not take the Pride Parade lightly. Every man, woman and child must be in the parade. It takes forever. I mean, I'm all for everyone supporting the cause, especially this year with the marriage issue on the ballot, but WOW. Is it really necessary for Levis, Google, Kaiser, several major airlines, etc. to have floats? How about more of the community organizations who are getting people involved on every level? *sigh* Rant over.
Onto the pictures, which is what you came for.
I wasn't kidding about the coyotes. They're having some issues with coyote sightings in the area right now. Thumbs up.
Fog. Has become a part of our everyday experience since moving here. I've grown to really like it and how mysterious it makes everything look. Thumbs up.
Stairs and SF beyond. Thumbs...even? This was a great walk, but not the most aesthetic stairs we've seen (unless you appreciate a chain link fence, seperating...nothing from...nothing)
Dan branching out from the described route to climb the highest hill the park we were in. Thumbs up for him being energetic enough to do so. Thumbs down for me not even looking vaguely in his direction. (That's me in the middle, standing by myself)
Totals: 1 hour, 1.36 miles

Bernal Heights City Walk

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A few weekends ago (before the arrival of the CC en masse) we had grand plans for our weekend, which included venturing to a new brunch place that Dan had actually heard of. This was a big deal, because usually I'm the one doing the researching of places I want to try, or explore or whatever. So, when we looked in our city walk book, we found that the brunch place was actually really close to two city walks, and we figured we'd make a long day of it, because we were headed to a neighborhood we probably wouldn't find ourselves in often. Just so you know, brunch was so. damn. good. I had macadamia nut and coconut french toast. Seriously. I'm sure Dan's was also good, but I have pretty selective memory of the meal, since I had tunnel vision of my own plate. Looking back, we didn't make the wisest choices that day...we had brunch, and then thought we would janutily take a walk around, forgetting as we always do, that SF is a city of ridiculous hills and steep inclines. As we started, we felt good about combining the two walks because neither was long - the second was in fact, relatively short. We did not take into account that this was because the entire walk was up and down hill. Over and over again. I've taken to calling all the stairways in these walks the stairs of doom. Before we left home, I had made fun of Dan for packing enough snacks for us to survive on if we had gotten snowed in, and bringing both of our water bottles. And then later, when we were tired, sweaty and dehydrated, I looked like an ass. Anyway, even though the walks wore us out and we might have overreached a little, the area was really nice. Some themes of the walk emerged: community gardens and public parks, amazing views, VERY friendly cats (stray cats ALL OVER that were so friendly one even climbed right into my lap, purring all the way), well behaved dogs off of their leash, and, not to beat a dead horse, but stairs. This was also the first time that during the walk we passed other people also doing the same walk! I've always wondered if this would happen, since you have to continually have the book in hand while you're walking - to both get directions (which can be hard to follow in SF's nooks and crannies) and to read the fun tidbits of info the author includes along the way. But yes, an older couple walked by, with their book, and we had a lovely conversation. It felt very six degrees of seperation, or it's a small world, or some other similar cliche. Also - from now on, city walks will be referred to as urban hiking. Dan has decided it makes us sound much cooler. Gives us street cred. Or something. Community Garden and some of the stairs of doom Dan racing very hyper kid down random slide View! That's downtown SF in the center with the tall buildings and whatnot. For perspective, the Bay Bridge and Berkeley would be on the right, and the Golden Gate Bridge would be on the left (not directly, but in that general direction) Photo op in another community garden, taken by a very nice passerby Totals: 3.5 hours, 2.77 miles

Am in a Funk

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...because I didn't get enough sleep last night. Mainly because I had to wake up at 5:30 to take Dan to the airport this morning so he could take a business trip to St. Louis. That was fine, until I got back, tried to go back to sleep and my cats...pretty much refused to let that happen. So, today in an effort to remind myself not to be in said funk, here are five things I'm happy about/enjoying/love. 1. The Tina Fey/Amy Poehler skit on SNL. I know it was literally almost a week ago, but I've been watching it once a day. These two ladies are so funny and smart. Big fan. 2. I went to see a play at a local Berkeley theater last night with some of my staff, and the two other RDs in my unit, which was a great time. I'm lucky I get to work with awesome people. 3. I have really non-exciting but yet very exciting plans for the weekend (Target, Costco, etc.) which kind of makes me feel like I'm in "Old School" (Maybe Bed Bath and Beyond...but I don't know. I don't know if we'll have enough time!) But I'm going to just be excited about them none the less. 4. Pandora. Gets me through the work day. 5. My staff and residents this year. Last year by this time, I had probably already met with 30 students about policy violations. This year, I haven't met with ANY although I am meeting with all of two next week. The community my staff has built is pretty amazing. I'm really proud of them. Now you go.

Lists. How I love thee.

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Things that were amazing: 1. Having so many of our friends here for ridiculous amounts of good times. It was nice to be able to really be around people we love in a place we love (for those of you who are slow, that place is here in Berkeley) 2. Getting to take said people around San Francisco having quality fun times, even though we were sweating like crazy because........I can't read weather reports correctly. 3. Also getting to take our loved ones around Napa for a day - we had SUCH a good time. Plus, we totally helped Franklin develop an addiction to wine, and sent them home with a case. Ben and Jess went home with a case + 2 bottles. Awesome. 4. Jean and Lee's renewal ceremony. Laura, Jean, Rosa and Josh all looked hotttttttttttttt. 5. Playing Taboo in our favorite local (yet deserted) bar...as it was last call on a Sunday night. 6. No one having flight trouble!!! Can you believe it? 7. Two Dave Matthews Band concerts in three days. I heard 4 of my top 5 favorite songs. If you really want me to list them, I can. 8. Getting to watch the VT/Georgia Tech game with Laura Anne Benson yesterday down in Palo Alto 9. After dinner, which her godfamily had Dan and I over for (they are AWESOME), watching Blades of Glory with Frank, Blue, Laura and her whole god-family. I didn't expect it to be nearly as funny as it actually was. 10. Watching two teenagers breakup. Most amazing thing I have EVER seen. New things to still look forward to: 1. Dancing with the Stars, The Biggest Loser, Dirty Sexy Money and Grey's starting again. Don't judge me. 2. The rest of football season 3. Matt Nathanson concert (on my birthday!) 4. Mom coming to visit for Christmas/Hanukkah Things we should blog about: 1. City walks 2. The good times recently had with everyone here Best cupcakes everrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Ben got frosting on his pants. And then cried about it all day. Japantown. Wine is tasty. And the concerts. That's my boyfriend on the middle screen there.