So long, farewell.

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I doubt anyone checks this site anymore, but if you do, come visit us at our new home:

Feeling all accomplishy.

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Yeah, turns out that folding a fitted sheet is super easy.  I recommend this video, if you want to learn. #51 on my list, check.
#53 was learn more about world geography, until I changed it to learn all the world's countries because that's actually what I want to do. Europe and Asia - check. I've been taking quizzes that I'm pretty sure are meant for kids in elementary school. 
#79 is to complete 10 of the 52 projects. This weekend I finished Project 50:
"Go to the library. Find your favorite writer’s books. Then, see which writer comes next on the shelf. Someone you’ve never heard of before? Good. Check out the works of this newly discovered writer and start reading."

My favorite author is Anita Shreve. The next author after her was Porter Shreve. I brought home one of his books and read it in 2 sittings.

Also - the Berkeley library has self checkout, like it's a grocery store. Weird.


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James is peeing more. As in, when he goes to the bathroom, more liquid is coming out. This is exciting progress! The bad news is that he's peeing basically anywhere he damn well pleases right now. Not sure how to discourage this while encouraging the peeing. Quandry.
I finished a book today about schools for girls. Their history in this country, their benefits, their downfalls, etc. It makes me a bit sad that I didn't go to an all girls school at some point. I think middle school would have been the best time, because everything sort of goes downhill around then, am I right?
I worked a bunch on my list this weekend, but didn't necessarily complete a lot of things. However, I did make these cupcakes. I've discovered that I would like lime icing on pretty much all of my desserts.
Watched some NASCAR today. Sent me right back to some college memories. Tommy got me into NASCAR originally and while I never could (and still can't) watch a whole race, it's such an interesting world. I know many people disagree. I may write more about this later this week.
The Giants won their division today. I'm finding myself strangely excited about it, even though baseball really doesn't usually excite me. The 49ers lost today (not surprising), and I'm also a bit sad about that. This afternoon I realized that it seems I've adopted the San Francisco teams as my second favorites. I never felt this way about Washington/Baltimore teams, but maybe because I never felt like I had no access to Pittsburgh events in Reston. Here, it's a really big day when the Steelers are on regular cable.
We gave Lily a bath. She did not enjoy it.
Went to Target today for the first time since...July maybe?  I haven't been going since the whole kerfuffle over the summer. I had a gift card I needed to use up, and specific items we needed, so off we went. It was shocking how easy it was to only buy what we needed. I feel like I used to walk in, inhale that Target smell (you know what I'm talking about) and many many things.  I guess in these months we've been apart, I've built up some tolerance to Target. I can't decide if I'm excited or disappointed.
I'm thinking of renaming the blog's URL to ''
Have a lovely Monday :)


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This week, we had to take James to the vet because he's having some urinary problems. Along with some other instructions, the vet sent me home to 'monitor' him peeing. I'm here to tell you that cats actually don't pee that often at all.
Today is my grandmother's birthday.
It's finally hitting summer temperatures here in the Bay Area. Tomorrow, it's supposed to be 88 degrees in Berkeley. I'm pretty excited to bust out some sandals. It's almost beach time. The past couple of years, Dan and I have found ourselves on nearby beaches, in appropriate weather, the first weekend of October. It's rad.
This weekend, Dan and I had Cold Stone Cake Batter ice cream for the first time in a looooong time. While we were in grad school, that flavor (with chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles mixed in) completely served as our version of flowers in every way - 'I'm sorry,' 'Congratulations!' 'It's Wednesday' and everything in between. It brought back good memories and made me remember how damn tasty it is. Welcome back to my life Cold Stone. I've missed you.
I have no meetings scheduled for tomorrow at work.I opened my calendar and actually thought to myself, "Did people forget to invite me?" and then I quietly made a decision not to remind them if they did.
Maybe a month ago, I saw a woman wearing a pair of Tom's Shoes that I immediately, deeply coveted. (Tom's are the shoes that every time you buy a pair, the company donates a pair to someone in need) So I went to the website, and they weren't there. I tried to tell myself that there would be others. Two nights ago, I went to the website again, because I decided that it was high time I had a pair. These shoes are everywhere in Berkeley. All the cool kids have them. You have no street cred unless you have some Tom's. Get this - they had the shoes!! I clicked the link, and ran - literally - to get my wallet. Yes friends, they were out of my size. Heart. Broken.
Recently, I've been feeling like I haven't been reading very much. Usually I put a lot of my free time into reading. I like a Sunday where Dan and I make brunch, then I curl up with a cat, a book and a mug of tea (that I have to reheat over and over because once I get into the book, I forget it's there). Anyway, I checked my list of books I've read over the past two years, and this whole year seems to be a reading fail. Usually I've read about 40 books at this point in the year. This year, 20. Very strange. I'm chalking it up to either a) the fact that I was working so hard over the summer, which is when I usually get a lot of reading in, or b) too much time on the computer and watching TV. Either way, not cool.
I'm going to try to post some photos from our Seattle/Gorge trip this week. I know you're excited.
I'm not sure everyone has gotten the memo that Dan got a job as an RD (same position as mine) at a different university, about 30 minutes away. It's a live in position, so he'll/we'll be spending 2-3 nights a week up there. We spent some good time up there this weekend, and I've decided to call it our vacation home.


Kristin is...

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...a super fast speed reader.
...surprisingly, almost alarmingly, careless about some things and incredibly rigid about other things.
...almost nocturnal, but fighting it. emotional about animal cruelty that the sad ASPCA commercials are banned from our house.
...a Gleek.
...sometimes overly ambitious (see "100 Things, 1000 Days" list above).
...happy being domestic with Dan and two cats.
...happiest around her people (that would be you, CC).
...passionate about teaching women self defense.
...often lost in bookstores for hours at a time.
...daydreaming about where to travel next.
...? (for you to fill in. interactive!)

Right Now...

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...I am dreading reading the duty report for tomorrow morning because tonight it's 80 degrees and there are no classes tomorrow. Cue hundreds of first year women wandering up to the fraternities in too tall heels and too short skirts. *heavy sigh*

...I am playing four songs over and over.
'Dynamite' by Taio Cruz (which I've heard about 478 times since Saturday at various move in events...don't judge me)
'Fire and Rain' by Mat Kearny
'Breakeven' by the Script
'Rock and Roll' by Eric Hutchinson

...I'm looking over the setlists for recent Dave shows because I'm going to my first concert of the summer tomorrow (!) Am pretty excited.

...Dan and I are working up some motivation to pick a flight to Orlando. It is not going well.

Pixar fail?

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Did you see Toy Story 3? Did you like it?

I saw it, and...not a fan. Even if I hadn't seen Despicable Me a few days before (which was awesome!) it still wasn't good.

I never expected to not like a Pixar movie. My world has shifted a bit.


Well that was her point of view. I'm admittedly biased because my work had me pressing to get a meeting with the producer of Toy Story 3 before the movie came out, but I liked it! Sure, it wasn't as good as the first 2, but there were some good moments, maybe? Certainly not the over dramatic unnecessary forbidding doom. Ok... maybe just 2 good moments I can remember - Ken's fashion show and Andy with the little girl. And now I feel bad for the computer animation teams who spent so long on the movie. Great.