Walk 5 & The cool gray city of love

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The city plan of San Francisco was laid out with straight lines, much like Washington DC. However, the planner didn't change any of the straight lines to accomodate for the 42 hills that make up the city. So, San Francisco was built on hills too steep for roads or at least any horse & buggy back in the olden days of road building. Really some of the roads are too steep for cars today. We heard the tires of a Lexus SUV screech as it tried to push up a hill while it's front end left the pavement for a few seconds. Hundreds of staircases were built to access different areas where roads couldn't work. Neighborhoods were built among these footpaths, and now the only access is by climbing stairs. Smart. Anyway, we bought a book which has several walks/hikes/tours planned out for anyone interested that leads you around the city by these paths and stairs, where cars can't go. We started with walk 5, which led us around parts of the city we knew, but pointed out so much we had never observed before. The book said this was an architecture heavy walk - i.e. you're going to see a lot of houses you can't afford.

I had to lean against these nice people's Bentley to get a decent picture.

The cool gray city of love, so said George Sterling.

The guy had just gotten done waxing it. Seriously, he parks his antique Aston Martin on the street because he had something else under a cover in the garage. I'm guessing around 1959 Aston Martin... $125k at least?

Cal vs Tenn.

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Yup, football! It was an interesting experience to go, but I was really looking forward to the game. Our seats are actually really good, around the 50th row, to the sides of the endzone. Cal has a lot of traditions and chants and...stuff that we just didn't know about, so we pretty much felt like outsiders the whole game (even though we had Cal gear.) We also oddly felt like we were cheating on Tech by going to another school's game. It was awkward...especially when they played "Enter Sandman" during the first quarter, during a random commerical break. We were confused and sad, for we missed the energy of a VT entrance. Also, the season ticket holding asshats that were sitting behind us are of the loud, vocal tribe who think that every single one of them is on the coaching staff, and should dictate the plays we run, the defensive strategy, and you know, everything else. We're more from the camp that just wants to observe the game, and cheer at appropriate times, so this was kind of upsetting. AND there was some Cal fan booing of their own team, which we could simply not get down with. Ugh. Hopefully, we will be less grumpy and more excited for the rest of the home games (and hopefully the people sitting behind us will be sick).

Highlights though, of the game, the Cal team is friggin good. DeSean Jackson is pretty amazing to watch, especially during his 77 yard punt return (which Dan totally missed!). Also, the student section is really really vocal, and during half time does card stunts, which are fun. (They were started here in 19-something a long time ago). AND the band is really awesome - their pregame show is fun. So, clearly, there will be things to watch.

Cal's masot - his name is Oski.

For all you band people.

Tightwad Hill for all the people too cheap to buy tickets. Yes they really call it that. It's a high point next to the stadium that you can see from (since the stadium was built into the ground...see first post)

Umm, apparently they rush the field whenever they win a game.

Spare the Air

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During days that it gets too hot (by hot, I mean in the 90's - watch out for that heatwave) San Francisco frets about the air quality index, and on those days, encourages everyone to use public transportation instead of private vehicles to reduce the pollutants in the air. They do this by offering free rides on all types of public transportation (cable cars, busses, BART, ferries, etc.) So, Dan got to reap the benefits and ride the cable cars for hours because they were free! Normally they are $5 every time you hop on which is just ridiculous, but the tourists pay it. And you will too when you come visit. Because, as I've said before, I love a cable car ride. Here's some shots from that adventure.

The famous Lombard St.

Incoming fog meets the bridge

And the Cable Cars


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I'm admonishing both of us because very bad bloggers we have been. We apologize for not being able to distract you from work for over a week. And after we watch the VT/LSU game that we taped, we will get in on this whole blogging thing. Lots of fun things have occurred. Including a four night long Lord of the Rings marathon. MAN we're cool. Other highlights include our first Cal game, a chocolate festival, more kitty pictures (if you can stand the cuteness!) and...some other stuff. Please stay tuned.