Christmas is only two weeks away. WTF?

So, I apologize for never posting about the tour and the goodness and the chocolate fudge made with Jack that we bought and the decanter that we also bought and came home and put our Jack in and it looks YUMMY. Yes, I'm sorry. My eyes hurt a little too much to really delve into all that now, but I have put big stars and underlines and circles around the item "Blog Entry" on my to do list, so it should get done sooner rather than later. I do want to tell you that Dan and I actually have been cooking fresh seasonal foods as of late, and I'm pretty proud of us. We have a Christmas tree (fake) that is decorated and Hanukkah candles all ready to light. Also, Hancock was a horrendously bad movie. I expected better of...well, all the main actors. I finished my 54th book of the year. And Laura, thanks for the comment about my hair looking good! I actually just got it cut really short again. I HEART my stylist out here. It looks good when she cuts it, when I style it myself at home, even a couple of months later. She rocks it out. I'm headed to bed. Full day of work and Christmas cookie baking tomorrow. And blog entry! Right.

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lb said...

cookies! blog entries! i like both of those things. do tell. :-)