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5 things you've made recently. 1. Quiche lorraine 2. Sauteed mushrooms (um, easiest dish ever) 3. Many a "To Do" list 4. A working BSpace site for my class 5. A monthly budget 5 things you've discovered recently. 1. It really irritates me when students I supervise tell me things that I feel like they should be asking. For example "I can't come to the meeting" vs. "Can I be excused from our staff meeting?" 2. I really don't bite my nails if they're painted. 3. I'm not that much of a movie person 4. I care quite a lot about doing my part to waste less, use less energy, etc. 5. When I really like something (books, wine, cats) I want as much and as many of those things as possible. Seriously. Books and bottles of wine are the things we have the most of in the house. Cats, not as much, but only because I'm not allowed to have more than two. 5 things on your "bucket list" 1. Travel! Esp: Greece, Ireland, the Galapagos Islands and Egypt 2. Be an EMT 3. Learn sign language 4. Live by the ocean 5. Do my job, but to be defined by the other things that I do 5 sounds you hear right now 1. Me typing 2. The vent over the stove 3. The front door of the next residence hall over slamming shut 4. Water from the cat fountain 5. Toilet flushing upstairs 5 things you did this morning. 1. Got up too early to let Lily out 2. Had trouble getting back to sleep 3. Forgot to make enough time for breakfast 4. Missed a meeting 5. Congratulated myself on remembering to schedule a haircut

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meghan said...

Something I did this morning? Decided to not go to school and instead clean every freaking corner of my apartment. SO clean right now. Come visit!