Wow. This post is so late it's irrelevant.

New Orleans what? Right, so two months ago, we were in Louisiana. We did a lot in two days. You've seen the ninth ward photos, and the swamp boat tour, which were the highlights. Also, we ate a lot. There is SO MUCH GOOD FOOD in New Orleans.
So, as a quick recap, we toured around the Garden District, walked around Tulane's campus, drove all through the French Quarter and the Marigny, got some drinks on Bourbon Street - where there was more nakedness than I expected in low-tourist season on a Wednesday night,
and generally decided that we would like to go back to spend some more time. So much culture and pride in a place. I really enjoyed it.
I thought it would be ungodly warm while we were there, but it turned out to be really nice. The weather was warm, but not sunny, so we weren't in the bright noonday sun ever. And, all three days we were there, it stormed right around 2 PM to cool everything off. It was perfect weather. Although, bugs. Big bugs. Ew.
Dan and I after the swampboat ride. Notice Dan's windswept hair.
In the Quarter.
Jackson Square at night, while we searched for a working ATM to buy some beignets. (It never worked out, we ended up getting them the next morning en route to Baton Rouge)
Dan, excited about a muffaletta.
Beads still hanging in the trees on Tulane's campus.


ro! said...

hmmm... i'm thrilled you finally updated. but this post was more like an appetizer, and i want the main course dangit!

meghan said...

I'm with Ro. I was pumped to see you posted. Keep it up!