On Standing...

Hi there. So, we were on the East Coast for a few days recently, so the blog has been a bit slow. I'm sure it didn't help that the last time I was here, I was a bit feisty. But, you should be happy to know that I have lots of ideas for upcoming blog posts, so hopefully things will pick up here for a bit.

Anyway, I saw this list on a blog I read, so I'm repeating the idea.

Places I have stood:
+Inside of a very large tree
+At weddings, watching friends and family walk down the aisle
+On the Golden Gate Bridge, in the Sydney opera house, and inside the Capitol Rotunda
+In a crowd of several thousand, listening to them sing me "Happy Birthday"
+At the edge of a doorway on a plane, right before jumping out of it
+On a water trampoline in Mexico, laughing my ass off with Dan, Missy and Franklin
+At the Flight 93 memorial
+On a fault line
+In a line waiting for the next Harry Potter book to be released

Now you go.


LB said...

in a crowd of several thousand, yelling to them that it was your birthday and starting off a rousing rendition of happy birthday ;-)

ro! said...

love your list!
where was this happy birthday singalong that i do not know about? so awesome!

i have stood in front of the big gay ice cream truck waiting anxiously for my first bite of the salty pimp!

meghan said...

I have stood in a line waiting to climb up a waterfall.

And yes, where was the birthday singing??

Gerald said...

at ann's bedside as kristin breathed her first breath... at dad's bedside, as he breathed his last breath... on the summit of mt. whitney, highest point in 48 states, and then - less than 24 hours later - on the floor of death valley, lowest point in the western hemisphere...