Feeling all accomplishy.

Yeah, turns out that folding a fitted sheet is super easy.  I recommend this video, if you want to learn. #51 on my list, check.
#53 was learn more about world geography, until I changed it to learn all the world's countries because that's actually what I want to do. Europe and Asia - check. I've been taking quizzes that I'm pretty sure are meant for kids in elementary school. 
#79 is to complete 10 of the 52 projects. This weekend I finished Project 50:
"Go to the library. Find your favorite writer’s books. Then, see which writer comes next on the shelf. Someone you’ve never heard of before? Good. Check out the works of this newly discovered writer and start reading."

My favorite author is Anita Shreve. The next author after her was Porter Shreve. I brought home one of his books and read it in 2 sittings.

Also - the Berkeley library has self checkout, like it's a grocery store. Weird.


meghan said...

I felt overwhelmingly proud when I first correctly folded a fitted sheet a few years ago. Why did it take into our 20s to learn such a thing? And why is it so darn difficult that we need instructional videos (I used one too)?

I love the library/author idea. How's the book going?

ro! said...

i am a huge fan of the self checkout at the library. because no one is ever using them so its much faster than waiting in line to have the librarian check out the books.