Spare the Air

During days that it gets too hot (by hot, I mean in the 90's - watch out for that heatwave) San Francisco frets about the air quality index, and on those days, encourages everyone to use public transportation instead of private vehicles to reduce the pollutants in the air. They do this by offering free rides on all types of public transportation (cable cars, busses, BART, ferries, etc.) So, Dan got to reap the benefits and ride the cable cars for hours because they were free! Normally they are $5 every time you hop on which is just ridiculous, but the tourists pay it. And you will too when you come visit. Because, as I've said before, I love a cable car ride. Here's some shots from that adventure.

The famous Lombard St.

Incoming fog meets the bridge

And the Cable Cars


ro! said...

i like the artsy sepia shot of the cablecars.

Merry said...

People should read this.