Cal vs Tenn.

Yup, football! It was an interesting experience to go, but I was really looking forward to the game. Our seats are actually really good, around the 50th row, to the sides of the endzone. Cal has a lot of traditions and chants and...stuff that we just didn't know about, so we pretty much felt like outsiders the whole game (even though we had Cal gear.) We also oddly felt like we were cheating on Tech by going to another school's game. It was awkward...especially when they played "Enter Sandman" during the first quarter, during a random commerical break. We were confused and sad, for we missed the energy of a VT entrance. Also, the season ticket holding asshats that were sitting behind us are of the loud, vocal tribe who think that every single one of them is on the coaching staff, and should dictate the plays we run, the defensive strategy, and you know, everything else. We're more from the camp that just wants to observe the game, and cheer at appropriate times, so this was kind of upsetting. AND there was some Cal fan booing of their own team, which we could simply not get down with. Ugh. Hopefully, we will be less grumpy and more excited for the rest of the home games (and hopefully the people sitting behind us will be sick).

Highlights though, of the game, the Cal team is friggin good. DeSean Jackson is pretty amazing to watch, especially during his 77 yard punt return (which Dan totally missed!). Also, the student section is really really vocal, and during half time does card stunts, which are fun. (They were started here in 19-something a long time ago). AND the band is really awesome - their pregame show is fun. So, clearly, there will be things to watch.

Cal's masot - his name is Oski.

For all you band people.

Tightwad Hill for all the people too cheap to buy tickets. Yes they really call it that. It's a high point next to the stadium that you can see from (since the stadium was built into the ground...see first post)

Umm, apparently they rush the field whenever they win a game.

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