Photos from the sheep farm


900 sheep on the sheep farm. Plus, some horses, dogs (Great Pyrenees, who live full time with the sheep) and 2 llamas (named Troy and Ben, for the Steelers players, who protect the sheep from, I don't understand how the ratio works)

It was actually sunny and NOT an Artic tundra outside as they prepared for a walk. Not sure how I'm related to these people.

Stockings! My family was excited that Dan's was blue. Awww they have our initials. We bought them at Target.

Covered bridge...these are a BFD in Pennsylvania.

Least flattering picture of a horse. Ever.

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Meghan said...

Looks like fun times at the sheep farm. As far as the stocking picture goes: I don't think people should be only commenting on the matching stockings (cute), but that you are wearing IDENTICAL shirts!