This past weekend's cool stuff.

It's been a while since I have written, with no excuses, I'm sorry. As you all know, I'm currently working on a project for YouTube that pretty much dominates my time, but I get to go to NY in Feb. and we have a car for the duration fo the project. I'll be able to tell you much more about the project after Feb. For now, we've been trying to take full advantage of the car and go exploring beyond what we can do in a ZipCar. Our visit to Sonoma was 2 weekends ago, and this past weekend we explored Santa Cruz. It's a fun little town mostly known for its beaches, a natural bridge extending into the ocean (one of which has now sadly fallen), the first site for surfing in California, and the very mighty fighting UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs. Not joking. They have a pier, boardwalk and rides that feels very Ocean City, Maryland but without the Candy Kitchen and mini golf every two blocks. It even has the two lane road leading in that has horrible traffic over the summer!! But, it's also a college town, so it's a nice blend.

We of course were on the highway when we realize we had forgotten our camera!!! We stopped and bought a throw away camera just for you fine folks. I swear we only took 3 pictures, but she says we took more. It might take a while before we actually finish the roll. Remember that whole film process before digital photos?

While you wait for those... I've been wanting to do a series of "Kitties in Stuff" photos. They get into everything. We tend to document all of it, so here are the first of the series.

We'll start with the Washer. This was within the first few days of joining our family; they were so little :)

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Meghan said...

Freaking adorable... have any pictures of Dan in the dryer?