I feel like a whole new person.

Not really, but this weekend I did get a haircut AND a new cell phone. My hair is back to being really short, like most of you saw it over winter break when Dan and I were home. My cell phone actually has functions beyond that of a phone, and Dan is a little jealous of it. I realized I hadn't bought a new phone since Jan. 2006 so I decided it was high time to upgrade. Now I have a relatively expensive phone to never talk on. Not really an exciting weekend here although we're hoping next weekend will be more so. No, we don't know what we're doing yet. But I think hoping is the important part to focus on. Also, not that everyone needs to know this, but Laura, my deodorant smells like...freshness? No seriously, it doesn't list a scent, but I think it smells like spring, sort of fresh and crisp. And just to keep everyone updated - there were no bad incidents with the "natural" deodorants. No horrible BO or pit stains or anything. We're both actually pretty happy, seems like it's all gone ok. And, Dan has not overly smelled like a pine forest. Dan had a productive second week of work, which he apparently wants to talk about later (he's reading over my shoulder), and work for me was ridiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiculous this week, so I'm hoping this coming week will be slower and more calm. This week starts the "lasts" of the year - last class, last hall association meeting, last staff meeting, etc. so I know the end must be in sight. More later?


meghan said...

I got my hair cut, too! It's like we're twins. Literally, that's what it means.

Hope your last week flies.

Josh said...

It's nice to know you guys are some of the few folks out there that still have the summer off. I want that back very badly!

ro! said...

i want to see a photo of said haircut.

lb said...

I second the photo request. And glad to hear your deo does not smell like a forest, nor does Dan's really. I ask because I care.

Dan, tell us about your week!

Love you, miss you!