Work complaints.

Commence complaining.

I'm in charge of three buildings. Two are traditional style (long hallways, two or three people to a room, shared bathrooms on the floor) much like many of us lived in during college. The other, which I live in, is apartment style, so 4-6 students to an apartment with a full bathroom and kitchen and everything. It houses transfer students and upper division students (In UVA speak, that's third and fourth years and in VT "we're not as snooty" speak, that's juniors and seniors). Anyway, you can probably imagine that I see a lot more students who get in trouble from the traditional buildings - alcohol, noise, other stupid things that happen when students stay up until 4 AM with time on their hands and not wanting to study. All year, the apartment building (named Wada...for Yoritada Wada. I like to say his name a lot) has been quiet. But apparently, too quiet. In the past month I've had harassment over, physical threats, apartment conflicts over noise and trash, huge parties, and a lovely physical "altercation" between two men in a fantastic love triangle. *sigh* Three weeks left. End complaining.

Last staff meeting...check.

Also, I haven't really had the occasion to document the haircut as of yet, but maybe this weekend. In return, I expect a picture of Meghan's haircut.

Fun story of the day: Berkeley's police chief, a couple of years ago, retired and was given a 2.1 million dollar retirement package. Shortly after, she was rehired. And given a raise. I shit you not.

We like long coats.


meghan said...

I'll send a picture of the haircut (maybe while wearing a long coat; it just got COLD here!) for 2.1 million dollars. No re-hiring necessary.

ro! said...

i'm diggin the long coats.
good job. =]

Josh said...

In Academy speak it iss 2 Degrees and Firsties. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. And the long coats would be perfect in this cold Philly weather these past few days.

lb said...

It's like you work for Days of Our Lives residence hall.

are you ever gonna update the eating fancy things page and/or the isharehere? i want to expand my kk/dan stalking.

love/miss you both!

PS are you proud of me for saying residence hall??? :-)