No seriously...

...I am cursed and so are those around me. Dan's flight home from NYC last night (he was there for work - the NYC marathon!) was cancelled and he flew home early this morning instead. They said it was because of "weather" but really it's because "Kristin is cursed." I'm sorry in advance LB if you have trouble getting home from London. **We did go whale watching a couple of weeks ago in Monterrey, which was lovely and COLD. We saw anywhere from 3-5 whales (no way of telling if they're the same or different ones) and while we didn't get too up close and personal, we definitely could see them breach the surface, and heard them, and got some great shots of them diving deep and their flukes coming out of the water (yeah, flukes. I know the lingo). However, on the way back in we came across probably 40-50 dolphins who were jumping and frolicking about right up next to the boat. There were 3 different species and they played around for probably about 10 minutes - it was awesome! The people on the boat said it was some of the best dolphin sighting they hadd had all season. Of course, they probably say that to all the people who don't get to see a lot of whales, but I'm going to choose to believe them. It is pretty crazy to me that we can drive less than two hours south of here and go whale watching. Anyway, we plan to try again - maybe next summer. Maybe we'll get actual usable pictures then! **As I said, Dan was on travel for work and he went to the play ("Boeing, Boeing") that Bradley Whitford is in and got to meet him and take a picture with him. No really, it's fine that both Missy and Dan have met him and I haven't. Seriously, I'm fine with it. **Work - ack! I started training for this coming school year last week, and we kicked it off by going on overnight retreat. All of a sudden my to do list is insanely, crazy long. I'm trying not to get stressed out before I really need to but it feels like a lot already! August is such a crazy month. Two weeks of training my staff for about 10 hours a day, followed by two days of move in (1400 students in two days!), followed by two weeks full of activities put on by my staff, followed by the CC coming into town! You all will very much be my relaxation after a very stressful time. **Usually, I'm reporting on a ton of books I've read, but recently I've seen a whole bunch of movies. Dan and I went to see Wall-E, which was pretty adorable. I think I do prefer Pixar adventure movies to Pixar love stories though. We also went to see Iron Man in a really cute second-run movie theather/bar which Dan really enjoyed (it's the geek in him). I was really impressed with Robert Downey Jr. Who would have thought he could have been sober enough to pull that off?? And I finally saw Batman Begins so I could go see The Dark Knight this weekend on IMAX. Has anyone else seen it? People here who have said it was really, really good and that Heath Ledger is really, really disturbing. Considering the last action movie I saw was "Wanted" I feel pretty confident that this will be an improvement. **My aunt Janis was just in town! Her boyfriend is out in SF for about a month, working on...many different things, so she came out for the weekend to visit. We all got to go out to dinner, which was lovely. I was surprised at how nice it was to see some family, in between what seems like will be the regular twice-yearly visit home. **In other family news, my mom and I are going to Vegas in October to see Bette Midler!!! You can make fun all you want, I'm excited.


meghan said...

To answer your question, Dark Knight is really good. In my opinion it was actually like 2 movies in one (I thought it ended at one point and would have been fine with it... but it kept going, and not in that "is this movie ever going to end??" kind of way).

lb said...

Whale watching, family visits, Bette Midler, oh my! So many fun things and I am happy to hear it!

I second Meghan's post about the Dark Knight. I really liked it! Super intense.

Maybe your curse is over? I got home without any glitches of any kind :-) Happy to be home and can't wait to see you!