SF Pride Parade '08

I thought we would do this award show style...

Best use of flags:

Biggest crowd pleaser:

In the car there on the left side is the SF mayor Gavin Newsom. Seriously, when his car came by I thought maybe the Beatles were in the parade. People LOVE him. (Sidenote - I work with the man in the center of the photo holding up the sign. He's awesome.)

Worst job of the parade:

The poor guy who has to stand behind them and move the "bull" up and down.

Best signage (tie):

HA. Indeed. My favorite part is the kid holding the mini sign.

The other side of their sign said "Engaged 23 years, marrying 7.17.08"

Best outfits:

Why yes, they are wearing seahorses made entirely of balloons why do you ask? This company starts off the parade every year, each year with a different theme. This year was "Everybody adds color under the sea"

Love it. I like an outfit that takes multiple people to pull off.

One of the best dresses of the day.

Hey, you want to dress up like a pony and pull your master in a carraige in the parade? Sure. Just do it safely, you know?

Impressive. Added points for the shoes - it is a LONG parade.

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