Because urban hikes have feelings too...

Well, I realized that after last night's entry, I completely neglected a hike we had done in June, the same day we had gone to the SF Pride Parade. As opposed to the hike of doom, this hike was nice and short, and not nearly as traumatizing. However, our circumstances were again not ideal, as we had already been on our feet standing watching the parade for over three hours*, but we still really enjoyed it, and the neighborhood. While Bernal Heights (previous posts) isn't overly easily accessible to us, more exploring in Corona Heights (this hike) is a definite possibility. The neighborhood is surrounded by nice parks with lots of green spaces, accompanied by views, and also has a really nice small community feel, with a street full of small everyday needs businesses (coffee shops, cafes, grocery, dry cleaner, etc.) and some community gardens.
Themes of this hike: More views, lovely homes, coyotes, and ever more public parks.
*San Francisco does not take the Pride Parade lightly. Every man, woman and child must be in the parade. It takes forever. I mean, I'm all for everyone supporting the cause, especially this year with the marriage issue on the ballot, but WOW. Is it really necessary for Levis, Google, Kaiser, several major airlines, etc. to have floats? How about more of the community organizations who are getting people involved on every level? *sigh* Rant over.
Onto the pictures, which is what you came for.
I wasn't kidding about the coyotes. They're having some issues with coyote sightings in the area right now. Thumbs up.
Fog. Has become a part of our everyday experience since moving here. I've grown to really like it and how mysterious it makes everything look. Thumbs up.
Stairs and SF beyond. Thumbs...even? This was a great walk, but not the most aesthetic stairs we've seen (unless you appreciate a chain link fence, seperating...nothing from...nothing)
Dan branching out from the described route to climb the highest hill the park we were in. Thumbs up for him being energetic enough to do so. Thumbs down for me not even looking vaguely in his direction. (That's me in the middle, standing by myself)
Totals: 1 hour, 1.36 miles

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meghan said...

I enjoy how literal your thumbs up description is in the coyote picture.

[Want more coyote pictures? Check out]