Lists. How I love thee.

Things that were amazing: 1. Having so many of our friends here for ridiculous amounts of good times. It was nice to be able to really be around people we love in a place we love (for those of you who are slow, that place is here in Berkeley) 2. Getting to take said people around San Francisco having quality fun times, even though we were sweating like crazy because........I can't read weather reports correctly. 3. Also getting to take our loved ones around Napa for a day - we had SUCH a good time. Plus, we totally helped Franklin develop an addiction to wine, and sent them home with a case. Ben and Jess went home with a case + 2 bottles. Awesome. 4. Jean and Lee's renewal ceremony. Laura, Jean, Rosa and Josh all looked hotttttttttttttt. 5. Playing Taboo in our favorite local (yet deserted) it was last call on a Sunday night. 6. No one having flight trouble!!! Can you believe it? 7. Two Dave Matthews Band concerts in three days. I heard 4 of my top 5 favorite songs. If you really want me to list them, I can. 8. Getting to watch the VT/Georgia Tech game with Laura Anne Benson yesterday down in Palo Alto 9. After dinner, which her godfamily had Dan and I over for (they are AWESOME), watching Blades of Glory with Frank, Blue, Laura and her whole god-family. I didn't expect it to be nearly as funny as it actually was. 10. Watching two teenagers breakup. Most amazing thing I have EVER seen. New things to still look forward to: 1. Dancing with the Stars, The Biggest Loser, Dirty Sexy Money and Grey's starting again. Don't judge me. 2. The rest of football season 3. Matt Nathanson concert (on my birthday!) 4. Mom coming to visit for Christmas/Hanukkah Things we should blog about: 1. City walks 2. The good times recently had with everyone here Best cupcakes everrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Ben got frosting on his pants. And then cried about it all day. Japantown. Wine is tasty. And the concerts. That's my boyfriend on the middle screen there.


meghan said...

Yes, 1 2 3(my part of it) 4 6 10 were all insanely amazing.

And I'm now re-laughing at Ben's frosting fiasco.

Thanks for such a great time!

ro! said...

good times indeed.
what are these amazing cupcakes and why was i not informed??