Day at the park

Dan and I went to our favorite nearby park today because it was HOT outside. It was lovely to sit in the shade, eat some cheese and drink a bottle of wine. But mostly, it was lovely to people watch. The following list doubles as "things we saw today" and "reasons why berkeley will never stop being entertaining" **Jugglers **The people who came and popped open a camping tent, big enough for probably 6 people **A big water balloon fight **A VERY unhappy cat on a leash **Possibly the hairiest man alive, showing the most ass crack I have ever seen a man display (niiiiiiiiiiiice) **A creepy guy going around to people on their blankets and towels and asking the women if he could pick them up. As in, literally, off the ground. I pretended to be asleep when he came over our way. **A couple who brought their pet turtle and let him scamper around on the grass for awhile **Lots of pot smoking right there out in the open


meghan said...

It may have been nice out there in CA for a while now, but it's finally getting nice here and I'm so glad so I can finally get out and observe fun things like this! Sounds like a good afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Well kiddo~
You do live in an incredibly beautiful area of what if you also have a few eccentrics living there as well? It's all good, right? I giggled when I read about the couple who brought their "pet turtle" to the park for a romp in the grass cool. Can't say that I have witnessed that in the Nation's Capital. Never say never, eh?

Stay well...MOM

Holly and Chris said...

Okay, I know it's like 10 years later, but I just read this and wanted to let you know we once tried to put our cat on a leash. No, really. He was so indifferent. He laid down and when that didn't keep us from encouraging him to get up and walk, he jerked away from the leash repeatedly until his safety collar gave and snapped free. Then he promptly laid down right where he was for a nap.

I was so proud of the idea, though.