I know, I'm disappointing.

I'm also sick. Body aches, headache, fever, night sweats (which, ew) the whole thing. So, have not been updating. But, I have been watching all the episodes I've missed from Dancing with the Stars because I'm addicted to it. So, I promise to blog about our trip home, with pictures and everything, just after I get better. Dan is totally over me being sick, by the way. Today, I wanted popsicles, and then like, 10 minutes later on his way out the door, I decided popsicles would be too cold. 5 minutes after that, I decided on pudding. Pretty sure he's going to grind up some sleeping pills in my tea real soon here.


meghan said...

Feel better!

Dan said...

I decided 3 flavors of popsicles and 2 flavors of pudding was the only smart move.

Anonymous said...

Ah grasshopper,
No way to please a woman when she is sick (though men are much worse..yeah you are!!) You did the right thing buying everything and anything she asked for --- good move dude.