Hello? (echo, echo)

Well, I realize that it's been about a month and a half since we've written here, so who knows if anyone will actually read this. I'm not entirely sure why we haven't been updating, but we do feel pretty bad about it, and the stern talking to we've gotten from some folks has just heaped on the guilt. I doubt we're going to be able to catch up on individual posts from what has been happening in the past 5 or 6 weeks, which totally sucks because I was all ambitious with the East Coast trip series (Follow through needs work me thinks) but I think we'll just start looking forward.
However, here's a short list of what we've been doing since we last wrote:
~Finishing up the school year (Kristin)
~Meeting with potential clients (Dan)
~Traveling to Mendocino, CA and horseback riding on the beach
~Listening to Dave Matthews Band's new album (and loving it)
~Planning our trips this summer
~Going to the Farmer's Market every week and cooking locally based meals (Goal accomplished!)
~Seeing native African animal species in wine country, CA
~Backing up my computer
~Not hating Angels and Demons, surprisingly
~Pretty much avoiding the telephone (you may have noticed?)
~Spending a lot of time in our local sports bar watching the Penguins in the playoffs
~Anxiously awaiting Dana and Larry's visit
~Eating all vegetarian on Wednesdays
~Reading, although not as much as I'd like
~Switching to compostable cat litter (another goal from this post)
~Finishing the Six Feet Under series
~Paying off a loan, woot!
~Wishing we could get another cat
~Building a website (more on that later)
~Heavily sighing over the fact that it is never warm enough in the Bay Area
~Laying around in the park, people watching and drinking wine
And here's a photo from the time a student group from Hong Kong stacked all their luggage on our porch. They had arrived from the airport two hours before they could check into their rooms, so they put their luggage on our porch and just LEFT IT there for anyone to steal.
What have you been doing lately?


meghan said...

What have I been doing lately? You may be surprised to learn that I have recently embarked on a luggage-stealing spree. And that picture is oh so tempting. I wish you had called me! I would have been there in a second. Too bad you're not using the phone these days.

[I am such a dork. Love you!]

ro! said...

quite possibly the funniest photo ever. i like that you are peering out of the window. kekeke

so happy you updated!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the student who left all her luggage right around the staircase so you could walk by. Very similar...except she was by herself....and crying.