Take 5 Tuesday, KK and Dan edition

Just to get us back into the blogging spirit. Bonus edition, with answers from both of us! 5 of your favorite TV shows K - West Wing K - Queer as Folk K - Jon and Kate Plus 8 (so sad lately) K - Friends (love some syndication!) K - Whale Wars (a new favorite, it is CRAZY) D - Sportsnight D - Simpsons D - Family Guy D - Daily Show D - Fraggle Rock 5 things you did last weekend K - Costco run! K - Baked a pie (strawberry/blueberry) K - Lusted after some handmade purses K - Drank some mimosas K - Cuddled with James D - Went to a new farmer's market D - Baked a massive pork loin D - Watched people at a street festival walk by eating mango with cajun spices, and drooled. D - Bought 9 mangoes due to aforementioned craving D - Went to Whole Foods twice in one day 5 places you’ve been on vacation K - Deutschland K - Aruba (favorite!) K - Denver K - The thriving metropolis of York, PA K - Troy, NY D - Venice, Italy D - Budapest D - Ocean City, Maryland D - New York City D - Cuba 5 places you would like to go K - Ireland K - Machu Picchu, Peru K - Galapagos Islands K - Egypt K - Hawaii D - New Zealand D - Thailand D - Greece D - Brazil D - Spain 5 dream jobs you wanted to have as a kid. K - Supermarket cashier (haha seriously. I have grand aspirations) K - Vet K - Lawyer (for about 10 minutes) K - Teacher K - Crazy cat lady (it's TOTALLY a job) D - Marine biologist D - Archaeologist D - Pilot D - Rock star (lead guitar specifically) D - Jeweler If you made it all the way through that, you should be commended. We are boring. Feel free to mock us.

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