Back Safely


Well, we have returned safely from our 2009 Deep South Roadtrip. It was a blast.

Some stats:
States visited - 6 (Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas)
Different homes/hotels stayed in - 4
Cars rented - 2
Huge surprises pulled off - 1
Alligators seen - 10+
Miles travelled - 1500+
Suitcases ruined - 1
We will be blogging the heck out of the trip for the next little while, we have so much material to cover! However, I will not be starting this evening, because I have been backsliding into the illness I picked up in Savannah ever since we got back to the West Coast. Plus, getting back into working after 10 days off has not been fun, just mostly exhausting.
Just as a sneak preview, however, please see the highlights below from the very tail end of our trip. When we arrived safely in Oakland from Houston, Dan's suitcase was...not in great shape. The frame had been bent really bad, and there were holes in the sides of it that basically looked like they were the result of being burnt. The holes went all the way through the sides, to some of the stuff inside - ruining a pair of pants and a pair of dress shoes.
The guy in the Southwest baggage office told us that most likely, the bag fell of the cart and ended up being dragged over the pavement, which caused all the damage. Whatever, we put in a claim and they should be either replacing it or sending Dan a check. Hooray! The bad news was that we had to leave the damaged stuff at the airport, which meant we brought all of his stuff home in a new Southwest duffle bag. Good times.


meghan said...

What a nice welcome home present! Gah.

ro! said...

wow that looks kinda rough.

can't wait to read all about the trip!!!!

Franklin said...

did someone decide to put a cigar out on the suitcase?

LB said...

tsa agent got hungry.