Not lost, just not found

Lily had a little outdoor adventure, for about 12 hours today. There was plenty of fretting, searching, crying, calling out her name, and fear packed into one emotionally draining day. Due to some commotion by James in the middle of the night, I was up at 4am grabbing litter since James disapproved of the cleanliness of his facilities. While I was cleaning up, Lily snuck out into the hallway, which usually isn't a problem because there's at least 2 other locked doors she needs to get past in order to reach the wilderness outside. Clearly 2 is no match. She's also usually not in the hall at 4am when I mistake shadows for her inside our apartment. Lily spent the rest of the morning in the hallway and around 7am escaped the fortress as the morning staff began working in the building. We're relieved, to say the least. Exhausted from worrying. Is this what you parents go through everyday? Oy. We're actually more curious to know where she went on her journey! We pictured her prancing down the sidewalks as if she owned Berkeley. Just as we decided to make some flyers to hand around the next day, we found her crying for us just outside our door. It may have also been dinner time, but let's be honest, she likes us more than food. It was really hard to find a picture for a 'Lost' flyer. She puts her face in everything! Kittien! James helps look for her. She's actually sitting in our suitcase full of underwear. I told you she gets into everything! A quick edit for the flyers that we thankfully didn't even need.


LB said...

can i tell you? even though i've never met her, i've always felt a weird kinship with lily. she seems a little quirky, and sometimes, I think I too would stick my head in a chipotle bag just for fun.

anyway, it's now confirmed with our tendencies to wander off. lily, be careful! and kk and dan, um, i never outgrew it, so be careful of lily.

meghan said...

So glad she came back! And she is a little escape artist... even though I just lost her for about 2 minutes, it was no fun.