Holiday favorite things

1. My aunt Janis being incredibly thrilled when she unwrapped a Hickory Farms summer sausage from Dan in her stocking (because, no lie, she loves encased meat)
2. Doing three puzzles at Missy and Franklin's while watching several Harry Potter movies
3. Talking with Josh on Skype and Ben on Gchat on New Years Eve, with their images on a huge TV, technology blowing everyone's minds
4. People loving the holiday gifts I chose for them (great feeling, for serious)
5. Josh Greenspan's mustache
6. Visiting our friends Chris and Holly (and their daughter Lily) and playing Catchphrase, finally looking at the clock and being shocked it's almost 4 AM, and we still have an hour drive home
7. Sneaking Dana out of her awful afternoon meeting
8. Visiting Dana and Larry's first home! It's pretty amazing. They're grown ups.
9. Making a fantastic, if not disfigured looking, chocolate mint 2 layer cake at 1:30 AM with Dana
10. Having our plane in Las Vegas (layover) smell like burning rubber right before we were supposed to leave the gate, all the flight attendants rushing to the front of the plane. (We got a new one)

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meghan said...

For some reason I had "My Favorite Things" in my head this morning. Then I come here and see your list. Freaky.