Keep the warm thoughts coming.

Well I know after the last blog entry, you probably only thought that things could get better. But, you would be wrong. Not three weeks after my grandmother passed away, my grandfather (her husband) peacefully passed away in his sleep at home. It came as a surprise - while we knew that he was obviously heartbroken and that his own cancer had advanced - we weren't expecting to be dealing with another loss so soon. Before he went to bed that night, he told Janis that he was going to be OK when she left. (My aunt Janis was actually still in Johnstown - she had been there since my grandmother's death, and had been delayed leaving because of all the snowstorms. ) That wasn't to be.
My mom went back to Johnstown last Sunday - just in time for their next snowstorm. His service was yesterday (Wednesday) which they delayed so that he wouldn't be buried on my mother's birthday, which was Tuesday. My family is planning on heading back to their various homes this weekend, and then coming back together sometime this spring to work out what to do with their house and so on.
Everyone here has been incredibly supportive, which has been helpful because honestly, the cumulative effect of everything is building up - I'm having trouble concentrating and remembering things lately, and the idea of interacting with people for long stretches of time is overwhelming. Still in shock. Thank goodness the Olympics are on for distraction.
Also, Dan has been good about trying to get me out of the house when I'm not in my pajamas, so we do actually have fun things to post about too - city walks, birthdays and such. We'll get to them...soonish.


Deborah86 said...

thinking of you both, lots of love <3

ro! said...

love from me too!

Holly, Chris, and Lily said...

Late as always...
We love you!