Paint crew

Scene: Missy and Franklin have bought and moved into their first new place. Home improvement is needed, ugly yellow paint must be covered. Cue several nights of college crew painting parties. Apparently, we really like painting because we are positively giddy in these photos. It may have just been that several of us were in the same state at the same time.
Winner in above photo: Franklin with blue tape. Seriously, don't we all look disgustingly happy?
Rosa loves to paint! Especially over the previous owner's hideous paint job! (Seriously - I never thought I would mock anyone's paint, but wow.)
Cabinet doors anyone? Also - the living room you see here now has couches and chairs and such.
Ben sanding, freakish injury and all.
I focus on what's important.
See, you can have fun AND take the proper safety precautions. Good job Franklin!


meghan said...

Still jealous I wasn't there, but the results were great. Excellent paint crew.

Franklin said...

We had lots of fun putting our new place together. Thank you everyone!

ro! said...

HAHAHAHA. we're awesome.

LB said...

love it. this also makes me think of when ben was explaining his plans for a high tech clone laser or whatever the hell it was and we were like "can it make wine!? and puppies?!?!"

because we have our priorities straight.

love you boo.

Jessica said...

I still have paint on my leggings from that night.

We make a good work crew. Just give us booze and we'll work for free!

Miss you guys!

LB said...

also, this: