Pixar fail?

Did you see Toy Story 3? Did you like it?

I saw it, and...not a fan. Even if I hadn't seen Despicable Me a few days before (which was awesome!) it still wasn't good.

I never expected to not like a Pixar movie. My world has shifted a bit.


Well that was her point of view. I'm admittedly biased because my work had me pressing to get a meeting with the producer of Toy Story 3 before the movie came out, but I liked it! Sure, it wasn't as good as the first 2, but there were some good moments, maybe? Certainly not the over dramatic unnecessary forbidding doom. Ok... maybe just 2 good moments I can remember - Ken's fashion show and Andy with the little girl. And now I feel bad for the computer animation teams who spent so long on the movie. Great.


meghan said...

Hmm. I heard the movie was great. And now 2 reviews that state otherwise (to different degrees, obviously). I love me some Pixar, though. Maybe it's better I not see it so my world view doesn't shift?

LB said...

i really liked toy story 3!! i was bawling. ask franklin and jess. like, it was *almost* publicly unacceptable.