Right Now...

...I am dreading reading the duty report for tomorrow morning because tonight it's 80 degrees and there are no classes tomorrow. Cue hundreds of first year women wandering up to the fraternities in too tall heels and too short skirts. *heavy sigh*

...I am playing four songs over and over.
'Dynamite' by Taio Cruz (which I've heard about 478 times since Saturday at various move in events...don't judge me)
'Fire and Rain' by Mat Kearny
'Breakeven' by the Script
'Rock and Roll' by Eric Hutchinson

...I'm looking over the setlists for recent Dave shows because I'm going to my first concert of the summer tomorrow (!) Am pretty excited.

...Dan and I are working up some motivation to pick a flight to Orlando. It is not going well.


meghan said...

... I am annoyed at being awake at 6:45am because the sun rises *so* early here.

... I am relieved that the semester doesn't start for 2 more weeks.

... I am freaking out that the semester starts in only 2 more weeks.

ro! said...

hahaha i also LOVE dynamite. i cannot stop singing it. don't you think that the part where he says "gotta let go" sounds like "galileo"?

LB said...

love me some dynamite. i was listening to that on repeat for a while :-) and that whole eric hutchinson album is pretty fun!