Top Ten Things I am looking forward to

1. WOOT three day weekend. 2. Cal vs. Michigan State game on Saturday 3. BEST WEEK EVER next week. Not the show, it will be my personal best week ever. Everyone descends for Jean's ceremony, and there will be SF touring, and boozing, and bonding and hugging in the middle and late night hilarity. 4. Jean's renewal ceremony in less than two weeks! 5. Also, since many people I love are coming to visit, next weekend was looking pretty good already but also TWO Dave Matthews concerts. I mean wow. 6. Dan and my 5 year anniversary weekend. We're not sure what we're doing yet, but it'll be good. 7. Weekend in Portland with Dana! 8. Weekend in Vegas with mom - we're going to see Bette Midler! We're excited about it, so don't judge. 9. Jason Mraz concert in November. 10. Working with my staff and living with Dan for all the days in between.


meghan said...

I'm pretty darn excited about some of those things as well! I hope you enjoy them ALL!!

Ann Delo said...

WOW you have such an awesome life, sadly mine pales in comparison EXCEPT, of course, that I leave for Oahu in 37 days and then there is that side trip to Las Vegas. Enjoy your friends...extend "hello's and hugs" from me. I love you. MOM

lb said...