Let down.

So I read alot. You may have heard this before. There are very few books that I dislike so much that I can't finish them, even if I mentally (or verbally) criticize the book the whole way through. Anyway, I picked up a book tonight off my fiction shelf to start reading (yes I have a fiction shelf, and a non fiction shelf. don't judge) and was really enjoying getting home from work around 5:30 and sitting down to read. I finished about half the book before Dan and I sat down to eat dinner and watch the premiere of the new season of the Biggest Loser (yay!) Afterwards, I picked the book back up and within a chapter, things went downhill. Horrible writing and characters, totally predictable ending. Granted, it is technically a "chick lit" book, complete with pink cover, so maybe I was asking for it. But, I had to finish it. So I pretty much sped through the rest and threw it across the room afterwards, being so annoyed that someone actually published it. Ugh. It's so dissapointing for me when books let me down. So, now I will be starting another book before bed to get the taste of that book out of my mouth. *rant over* Good news: Missy Higgins is coming yet again to San Francisco, this time with Justin Nozuka! Even better news, the show is March 23rd, and I leave for a conference in DC on the 24th. Meant to be, clearly. ~Mood shift~ Bad news: My grandma is about to go through another round of chemo, six weeks long. Not as intensive as "traditional" chemo, but still difficult. A catscan this week also showed some new spots on her lungs, which is not good news. The doctors are not sure if the chemo regimen they have planned will take care of these new spots, so...yeah. I have avoided the freak out about her cancer, because her doctors have been overwhelmingly positive and she has sounded very strong when I have talked with her. But I'll admit, this new development officially makes me nervous. So, if you are a person that prays and you've got a spot open on your prayer list...my family and I would be grateful. And, now I don't really know how to wrap up after that. How about... Happy anniversary Missy and Franklin!!

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meghan said...

So what's the book??

...praying for your grandmother...