NOT a let down

So I went to the doctor today (nothing to be concerned about) and in the interest of full disclosure, it was the "lady doctor". I was recommended to my new doctor by a co-worker and this may sound stupid, but I haven't ever had such a positive experience with a doctor. So I got there, and didn't have to fill out forms because they mailed all the forms to me ahead of time, nice touch, no? Anyway, I was in the room with the infamous stirrups and got my weight/blood pressure taken (my BP is excellent apparently - good job self!) and then she says "the doctor will be right in, but you don't have to undress yet" Confusion. So, the doctor comes in, introduces herself as Amy and then proceeds to TALK to me for almost 20 minutes about my medical history, any concerns or questions, etc. Talking to GYN while still wearing pants. It was crazy. And great. So then eventually, she left, I get undressed and she completed the exam in probably 7 minutes. I was just really impressed - I haven't ever had such a comfortable conversation with a doctor. Maybe everyone else (female) has had really great care, but yeah, I was blown away.

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meghan said...

Talking with clothes on?? Before the exam?? Unheard of! Lucky you. :)