Urban (snooty) Hiking

Dan and I went on walk #3, which was up in the ridiculously wealthy area of SF, Nob Hill. The name would also imply that it is a steep, you know, hilly area. I want you to know that we chose to do this walk after going to a nice lunch (it's Dine About Town again! woot) and walking like, almost a mile, to the START point of the walk. Good decisions all around. So, the area is where the "Big 4" railroad barons of the early 1900s made their ginormous homes. One of them took up an entire city block. One of them had a gated wall and "tradesmen" entrance. Way too much money. So yeah, they built some mansions, and their friends built some mansions and after the big 1906 earthquake, only ONE of their homes survived. Because the quake started a huge fire, andddd all of them but ONE built their homes out of wood. Fantastic. Grace Cathedral - the whole complex takes up an entire square city block The bronze doors to Grace Cathedral Inside the Cathedral - shocking news, it was based on Notre Dame A view from the labyrinth inside the cathedral Looking down a cute little alley A really ornate apartment complex entryway The apartment building where "Vertigo" was filmed Dome inside one of the fancy hotels

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ro! said...

i like the photos.
good walk.