1000 Days

So the idea of creating a "to do before you die" list isn't new. Recently, one of the authors of a blog I read has been sponsored by both Intel and Verizon to complete hers - it's been crazy to read the adventures she has had. It's turned into a bit of a movement - she asked readers to put their life lists on their blogs and send the link to her and she would post them. So you know I read them all. Sometime in December, a reader submitted a link to their lists of 100 things they wanted to do in 1000 days, with the last day being an important milestone of some kind.

The idea was being appealing to me - especially when I realized that in about 1000 days, I would be turning 30. So, I spent a lot of January brainstorming and in early February, my 1000 day countdown to 30 began.

In talking to Rosa tonight, she wanted to read the list, so I'm going to put it up on the blog in hopes of being held more accountable but also because I need suggestions! I only have about 70 items so far - I'm hoping you all can help me out. They are in no particular order or categorization, just as they came into my head.


100 things to do in 1000 Days
1. Get some "professional" pictures of me and Dan (Franklin - call me!)
2. Figure out when it is necessary to make a will. If it's now, then make one.
3. Look into life insurance
4. Look into pet insurance
5. Get James microchipped (Lily already has hers)
6. Start planning for retirement (eek!)
7. Finish the emergency kit
8. Buy more handmade, give more handmade gifts
9. Make an advent calendar
10. Do want/need/wear/read one year for gifts
11. Find out more about bartering websites
12. Get at least 6 massages
13. Get at least 2 henna designs
14. Join a CSA
15. Move away from using antibacterial products
16. Use homemade cleaning products
17. Transition from plastic to glass in the kitchen (storage containers, utensils, etc)
18. Have some concrete plans for world travel
19. Have some concrete plans for where we are living next
20. Have some concrete plans around buying a home
21. Buy some really nice bras
22. Stay in Vegas on the Strip
23. Read at least 120 books
24. Learn how to play chess (in progress)
25. Learn how to play pool
26. Learn how to knit
27. Learn how to can/preserve foods
28. Learn how to make piecrust
29. Learn how to crack a whip (literally, not figuratively)
30. Learn how to properly fold a fitted sheet
31. Learn how to poach an egg
32. Learn more about world geography
33. Learn ____________
34. Learn ____________
35. Learn ____________
36. Lose a couple of pant sizes
37. Find a physical activity I love to do
38. Find my professional organization home
39. **
40. **
41. **
42. Get CPR/First Aid certified (again)
43. Stop biting my nails
44. Always take off my makeup before I go to bed
45. Finish researching the "list of women I should really know"
46-60. Individual San Francisco stairwalks (they each get their own number because each one is really a whole day trip)
61. Make cupcake list
62. Make chocolate list
63. See the Grand Canyon
64. Be up to date on our scrapbook
65. Go dogsledding
66. Complete a triathlon
67. Finish cooking our way through our seasonal cookbook
68. Go to a Steelers game
69. Get a good skincare regimen
70. Stay overnight in a treehouse
71. Reopen doors with other student affairs people I've lost touch with
72. **
73. **
74. Relax in a natural hot spring
75. Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras
76. Visit 3 new states

(sidenote: the numbers with ** really do have items next to them, but they're secrets)

So there you have it. As you can see, I need 24 more things to do and 3 more things to learn. What would go on your before 30 list?


ro! said...

i've been thinking about this a lot since we chatted and i figured out that my 1000 days starts this sunday! i need to make a list! ahhh the pressure.

Franklin said...

first off, i like #1.
how about visiting some wineries in VA/east coast. try/buy a kindle/e-book. if you're going to see the grand canyon might as well hop over to the hover dam.

ro! said...

oh yeah, why do you have secret goals? dislike!
how about take ballroom lessons, learn a language, go on a habitat for humanity trip or some other sort of volunteer activity?
and i call dibs on being franklin's 2nd shooter when you do item #1.