OK, so I made the list into its own page (see link above) so I can update and cross things off as I go. I also divided it up into different sections, added some of the items you suggested (thanks Ro, Franklin and Dana!), and crossed off one thing already.

Also - just for Rosa, I made two of my previously secret items public. But I'm not telling which ones they are. You've got to work that out on your own.

In other news, I'm on Spring Break now. THANK HEAVENS. Last week was particularly brutal, so I'm happy to be home doing nothing.


ro! said...

hahahah the secret category makes me laugh.
so i calculated and my 1000 days starts next sunday. i'm making a list of only 30 things, because 100 is too much for me. i need two more.

Dana said...

I can show you how to properly fold a fitted sheet. I'm good at it.