Late night random thoughts, volume 2

*We're working through West Wing season 7 and I honestly forget sometimes when I turn off the show that the characters aren't real candidates. When I remember and figure it out, I get sad. No seriously, I would vote for Martin Sheen every election for the rest of my life if I could. *So, we've been enjoying restaurants in San Francisco and around the rest of the Bay Area since we've been here. And, you know, some wine. Since some people (i.e. Rosa) want to here what we have to say about them, we're going to potentially start another blog linked to this one about restuarant reviews, maybe wineries we've enjoyed. However, while you are, as our friends, required to read this blog, the other blog will be optional reading, as I can't imagine WHY you would care about restaurants in San Francisco. *Dan is still kind of sort of sick. He hadn't been coughing at all today, and then we went and had frozen yogurt for dessert. Remember how when you have lots of phlegm and mucus and junk your mom told you that you shouldn't have dairy? Yeah, I forgot. *Our car gets turned in this Friday. Sad about it. Anyone have a scooter I can buy from them? *Can anyone else believe that it's already February? Also, it's a leap year. I think I should look into why leap years exist. I think I have a general idea, but yeah. Note to self. *Last weekend, we went to a Wii playing party at one of the other RD's apartment and she also has Guitar Hero. So, everyone is struggling with the game, trying over and over to get through one song. So, Dan picks it up and of course, sails through one song one the first try. Yeah, this is why we never get invited to do anything fun. I kicked serious ass in bowling though. Franklin would be proud. *I can not stop watching the West Wing. It's right at the part when Josh and Donna start getting togther and I'm completely addicted.


Meghan said...

Scooter? No. Get a Tata - only $2200.

ro! said...

TWO blogs?

also i think you should get the tata that meghan recommended simply because it's called a tata. haha