*We finished Season 7 of the West Wing last night. We're both kind of sad actually. I know, it's not like we can't just watch the whole series again (since we now own the complete series) but it'll be awhile before that happens I think. You know who I still don't like? Amy. *Our cats have started sleeping curled up together on the couch at night instead of sleeping with us. I can't decide if I'm happy or sad about it. *Dan is leaving tomorrow to go to New York for a week to put on this big important event he's been working on. I will have an enormous bed all to myself for a week! Also, I'll miss him and stuff. *Ro - I fully intend on actually taking 12 pictures of my life on the 12th. It will not be nearly as exciting as yours. But, I will try it out anyway. ***jk, as Dan will have the camera in NYC. His 12th will be more exciting than mine though. *It's 60 degrees here today, and will be all week. *sticks tongue out in a very immature fashion* *Haven't posted pictures in awhile. Some to come soon.


ro! said...

YAY photos of the 12th! so excite.

i think dan will easily beat me for most exciting 12th as all i do here is go to class and study at the library.

Meghan said...

Big bed to yourself = fantastic

Big bed shared with 2 other people for 2 nights = not fantastic... this was my experience at a conference in Albuquerque the past few days.