Sleep cycle=confused.

Yes, it is 2:37 AM PST as I'm writing here. My sleep cycle is ridiculously thrown off...and I'm not sure why. I have been working everyday (albeit a little later and later every day for the past week) and on the weekends, we've been up and out of the apartment early for day trips. It's frustrating knowing that, currently, I will only get about 6 hours of sleep tonight, if I get to bed soon and knowing that my mom, on the East Coast, is totally already up and going on her Friday (unless she has the day off...) Not a good feeling. In the past, I would totally just suck it up and get up early tomorrow, not take a nap, and then go to bed around 10-11 PM and try to get back to normal...except that's what I've been doing all week and nothing is working. *GOSH* Yeah, my life's real hard when these are the complaints. Well, I do have one other complaint in that Dan is still sick and making gross noises because he's congested, but really, do you all need to suffer through that with me? Probably not. So, I just want to announce that along with having a California driver's license, I voted absentee for the California primary last week. It's like I live here or something! And while I have some gripes about being a resident (top on the list is our governor. I mean, are you serious. And, you know, being far away from most of the people I love), there are some positives (many of which have to do with the food/wine available near here, and the ridiculous amounts of things to do) BUT the state of California allows you an option of permanent absentee voting! That's right, I checked one box on my driver's license application, and I registered to vote and signed up to get mailed a ballot for every primary and general election. Amazing. I had a slight fit of excitement about it in the DMV. As I've voted in person once in my life and it was a horrendous experience AND in VA, you have to register for an absentee ballot for every seperate election. So, score one for CA. In case you were keeping track, VA/DC does have a huge lead, with the friends/family/home factor going for it, but Cali is racking up some points lately. Had last birthday dinner out tonight. Was delicious.


Meghan said...

My dad has told me that whenever my mom is away on business he never sleeps well (Cute? No?). Perhaps you aren't sleeping well because Dan is quarantined in a separate bed with his sickness. Catch-22 at its finest.

ro! said...

"Had last birthday dinner out tonight. Was delicious."

you are such a tease!