A year in the life

I was sitting around here tonight enjoying my fantastically quiet evening and realizing that this time last February I was still in grad school. In fact, this time last year I was probably sitting at home hanging out doing nothing (unless Dana dragged me out on the town) and watching TV. Isn't it crazy what happens in a year?

So, here's a year in my life in photos.

Dan, Dana and Larry at the hookah bar in Athens on Valentine's weekend. We're quite the romantics :)

In March, on a visiting trip to SF, Shalina and I are acting like goofballs on the Golden Gate Bridge.


At Dan's graduation from GWU in May. So proud :)

Dana, Laura and I at our graduation in June. Can you believe I have a Master's degree? Clearly, neither can we.

Larry serenading Dana to "I've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" (yes, like in Top Gun) at their wedding on 7.7.07

Hot air ballooning for our four year anniversary in August.

Some of the football spirit at Cal in September (the building in the background is a residence hall)

Ro, Dan and I at the end of our city walk during Ro's visit in October.

Dan's adorable nephew. Thanksgiving in Nashville!

My cooler than ever grandfather. Christmas in PA.

Jellyfish at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Just a few weeks ago in January.

A couple of nights ago. My cats are friggin adorable.


ro! said...

absolutely LOVE the photos and how it encapsulates (is that a word? i think i spelled it wrong) your year.
awesome expressions on everyone in the graduation photo for june.

Meghan said...

Great year recap!

And the balloon pictures made me happy because I just went yesterday! So much fun... Even the controlled "crash" landing!

Kev said...

yes Kristin - it is crrrrazyyyy what happens in a year. Nice pics!