12 on the 12th

I love that Ro is posting 12 pictures on the 12th of every month. It's fun to get a glimpse into someone's life that is so different from the one that you experience every day. For the past two months especially, I have been promising myself that I would post 12 pictures from my day...except for the past two months, Dan has been out of town and had the camera. Last time he came back with approximately 4 pictures from the entire trip, so...maybe he'll take 6 this time? I decided to make do with reliving 13 things that happened to me on the 13th (today) and having you (that means YOU loyal reader) respond in kind. Next month, I will make an effort to do the picture thing. So, now I have to tap into my memory and remember what actually happened today. 1 - Woke up because Lily was scratching on the mattress again. She must know by now that this invariably wakes me up in a shitty mood. So, this was at 7:50, my alarm was set for 9. Kicked the cats out. 2 - Woke up again at 8:30 when James started meowing for food. Seriously, I'm ready for Dan to come back so we can go back to alternating mornings of "It's YOUR turn to feed them" 3 - Helped out with two interviews for a student staff position next year. The candidates were polar opposites. The first woman was a walking sorority girl stereotype, complete with breathy speech, lots of "um" and "like," too much makeup and blond hairflipping. *sigh* The second one was great though - at least he dressed up for it! 4 - HA. Just thinking about this frustrates me. So, I had to take a bunch of stuff to a meeting in another building. Additionally, I had to make a lot of copies for said meeting. So, I loaded up a cart (it was heavy crap) and went early to make the copies before the meeting. The copier and I fought a perilous battle, and basically, the copier kicked my sorry ass. So, by the time the copier was done, I was 25 minutes late AND found out that the meeting was actually in MY building the whole time. GAH. 5 - Went shopping for a program with my two Program Assistants (also student staff positions) who are pretty much fantastic. We went to a discount fabric store and tried to pretend that we were in Mood and on Project Runway. There was also Starbucks. It was nice after the hellish copier/meeting debacle. 6 - Had to make sure to get my Program Assistant to change the settings on the department van we'd been using back to English rather than French. It is hard to understand what a vehicle is telling you when it is speaking French. 7 - Dropped them off, ran inside, had a 10 minute meeting with my Hall Association treasurer, picked up another staff member (an RA) and went to Costco to multitask - have a one on one while shopping for some (other) programs 8 - Marveled at how much candy you can buy at Costco for $200 9 - Roped a resident into helping us unload said stash of candy from the van 10 - Went to a program on GRE/Grad school admissions that some of my other RAs put on, laughed at the presenter guy because he wasn't...good. 11 - Went to another program! Helped residents make mini AIDS quilt panels for a Berkeley quilt. Also, felt very un-creative. 12 - Ate cheerios while Lily curled up on my lap 13 - Finished my non fiction book for the month! Woot. It was a busy day.


Meghan said...

I'm impressed with the 13 on 13. But I must say I was rather dismayed to learn that you wake up at 9, which means you wake up when I've already been up for 5 hours. Stupid other side of the country (that I can't wait to visit!!).

lb said...

I tried to do this too on wednesday!! But with my camera phone b/c I'm super bootleg and don't have a digital camera. And I only took about 5 pictures. Sigh. I guess I'll wait a few more months and do one when I'm in London.

Love you miss you!!!!!!!

ro! said...

seeing this made my day. no joke. i applaud the 13 on 13. i can't wait for next month when there hopefully will be some photos attached.