Missy Higgins. Again.

Last week we celebrated for no good reason at all and had a relaxing date night. We had a simply outrageous meal at Nopa, which will be covered in a minute by minute account of our every delicious bite on our foodie blog. But for this non-foodie blog, I'll just say it was simple food prepared outrageously well. The real excitement of our night was to come from hearing Missy Higgins play yet another small SF venue. Thankfully, this time we already had our tickets and weren't the last to squeak in like last time. We managed to quarantine off precisely 4 feet of wall space so we each had room for one shoulder to rest on. Some not-half-bad California boy sang some sultry songs, and I wish we could share his name with you. However, he didn’t think to mention it once he was on stage, and Missy’s website describes him as “local artist TBA.” It occurs to me that we haven't really talked about any other musical tastes on here, except for maybe Dave; but we really do listen to things besides Aussies and Virginians. I digress.

The thing I truly love about Missy Higgins is that live and in person, she sounds exactly as amazing as she does on her album. I can’t imagine they tweak her voice one bit to sound any better. Also, she’s hilarious and enjoys joking with the crowd. And from our best observational guess is that she’s actually rather shy, yet she’s up their belting her tunes with unequivocal passion. So, maybe that’s actually 3 things I love about Missy Higgins. During our show, she also denounced Target bras, which for some reason I still find hilarious. Kristin and I decided, if her whole band weren’t naive men, maybe someone would have gotten the bright idea to tighten her strap for her. Speaking of her band, her backup guitarist is the awesomest awkward man you’ve ever seen. He dances to his own tune, regardless of the beat the band is on, and has this real goofy smile to go with untamable hair. He was good wholesome entertainment! Back to Missy, her voice is amazing and is one of the most soothing things I can think of right now besides the best of back massages. I know Kristin listens to her at work when she needs some distressing too. AND you can listen to her whole album on her website www.missyhiggins.com! You caught me, now that makes it 5 things I love about Missy Higgins. Yes, I’m listening to her write now.

Here’s some photographic evidence we were actually there. (taken from our entrenched 4 feet of wall space)


Meghan said...

Try to get to 6 things you love about Missy Higgins, that way you can say you need TWO hands to count them all.

lb said...

I got into her too after you guys mentioned her last time. She is great!! I would start to list my favorite songs of hers....but it would kinda just be all of On A Clear Night. I'm jealous you got to see her again!! Good times.

love you!!!!!!