Late Night Updates version...4?

**This weekend was lovely - 60 degrees and sunny. And headaches. I've had terrible headaches all weekend, so Dan has put up with quite the level of whining. But we've been rather productive. Doing some cool things, well, cool-ish things, things that we really enjoy (going out to brunch, movies, bookstores, etc.)

**We organized the crap out of our spare bedroom recently. Things into storage, things onto shelves, things out of storage containers, other things into the containers. After being here almost 10 months, we've realized what we need handy and what we really don't need handy at all. Plus, we've been doing some shopping at Costco, so we have bulk items we need to store better (Where on earth did we think we were going to store 2 oversized jars of Nutella?) So, as I love to organize, it was a good time for me. The good news is, just by figuring out how to use our space better, we've realized that A) we have more of it than we realized and B) we don't need to buy the two pieces of furniture we thought we needed to buy. This is good news. More money for wine. I mean, savings.

**After writing the last post about how I hadn't really been reading in Feburary, I decided to...start reading. The book that Meghan chose for me in Feb. (The King Must Die, by Mary Renault) actually ended up being really engaging and I read most of it in a couple of nights, even though it took me awhile to get into. So hooray for me. I finished it yesterday (only one day late!) and returned it to the library to get my next one, which Ro chose - it's called "Second Class Citizen" by Buchi Emecheta.

**Speaking of books, I had my first book club meeting last Thursday. They're still emailing me, so I guess that means I wasn't too socially awkward or anything. We're trying to decide what book to read this first month. Has anyone read any of these: The Tipping Point, Three Cups of Tea, Love in the Time of Cholera? Good, bad, not worth the time, life changing?

**Also this weekend, we watched a movie a day. I'd been on a really bad movie hiatus lately (Kevin, try not to get upset) because we'd gone through a phase of watching a movie 3 or 4 nights a week when we first joined the Blockbuster mail program (their version of netflix). Because they send them to you, and they just sit there until you watch them, and you want to send them back and get new movies and oh my, the pressure. So eventually, Dan just started watching some of them without me, and burning the other ones so he could send them back. So, we have this pretty significant stack of movies that we've never seen. And every time I ask Dan if he wants to watch something while we have dinner, he brings out the stack of DVDs we haven't watched and then I have to clarify that by "something" what I really meant was, lets watch the West Wing. Anyway, we started watching them this weekend. Friday night we watched "The Graduate" which I had never seen before, and I kind of have mixed feelings about it. I know it's a classic and everything, but...yeah. Saturday we watched "The Queen" which is one of those movies that got rave reviews and so I thought we should see, but never really sat down to watch. It was actually really enjoyable - we were both surprised by how much we liked it. And tonight we watched "Sicko" which you can't really enjoy as it were, but it did result in us having yet another "Why don't we live somewhere else?!?!" conversations.

**My dad and his brothers are going to be doing a triathlon in June in Philadelphia with Team and Training (The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) in memory of my cousin Michael. You can visit their team page here: Dad will be running the last part (Jeff will be swimming and Mike will be biking). Hopefully I will be able to get to the event!

**We think that March is when James will turn one! Our vet and the agency we got them from can't really nail down a much more specific time frame than "around March" so please send birthday wishes. Kidding of course. We aren't planning on having other cats over to have a party or anything, but I wouldn't put it past me in old age. Just sayin.

This Lily on the counter, with her head completely inside a vase. She's kind of our "special" child.
And this is James, sitting neat and proper, even inside a box that is there for him to play with.


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Thanks for the publicity!

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i hope i picked a good book. =]