Important things for you to know today

**I cancelled my MySpace account today. I don't why I'm feeling so accomplished about that, but I really am.

**Our cats need a bath for SERIOUS. Wow.

**Nothing that exciting has been happening since Dan has been home. He's been home since Sunday night, and he was all stuffed up on the plane, so then when the plane was landing, all the pressure built up and when I went to pick him up, he had lost a lot of his hearing capability. Yes, it all came back, but it was slightly alarming.

**I've started teaching a class, which is the class that all students who are going to be RAs take, on Monday nights. Then Tuesday nights, I have meetings from about 7-11 PM. So, by and large, until the semester is over, I probably won't be here blogging my heart out until Wednesday at least. You can tell that right now I'm hard at work over here.

**Dan has a third meeting with a company he's been interviewing with today - he had an interview in person before he went to Texas, then did a phone interview while he was in Texas, and now has another meeting with them. I can only take this as a good sign, so send warm thoughts.

**Was everyone thrown off on the last post because I posted something political? Is this like the time I said the word vagina and everyone didn't comment because vaginas are scary? Are politics scary? Did I commit a faux pas? Just let me know, I didn't mean to freak you out loyal readers (primarily Laura, Meghan and Rosa)

**I'm excited that next week I will be going on my own adventure - I'm going to Savannah to visit Ben and Jess, then going to Atlanta for a national student affairs conference, and then I'm going down to Florida with my dad to visit my grandmother. Huzzah! It's a lot of flights, but whatever.

Lily loves burritos.


ro! said...

kk i love you.

no, actually i very much appreciated the last post. i def agree about the taking advantage of stuff when in college. and since i live under a rock, i was not aware of the sally kern situation, so i found it very informative.

but i was being lazy and didn't comment. apologies.

Josh said...

I, too, canceled my MySpace account months ago... it's a big step.

And I was gone for week so I haven't read your political post yet... I'll get right on that!

lb said...

KK, you should feel accomplished!I want to cancel my Myspace...the only reason I haven't is so I can still be friends with the cast of the Office.

You know we have pretty much the same political outlooks....I too was being lazy. Meh.

Meghan said...

Is it awkward that I came back to read your comments only to find that MY comment says Josh wrote it?! His computer is currently mocking me.