I heart grocery stores.

So, this eating vegetarian thing is going fine, although the first two nights totally reduced us to eating like college students. One night, pasta and sauce from a jar. The next night, pancakes and eggs for dinner! Tonight, I think we finally got our act together and made sweet potato and black bean burritos. Feeling more my age again. Anyway, we had to go out shopping for some of the ingredients before we made dinner tonight, and I'm just going to come out and say that I love grocery shopping. I really do. There is something about wandering around slowly and picking out whatever I want that really makes me happy. I don't do as much aimless meandering as I used to, because that's when I come home having spent a lot of money, but not being able to make anything from the stuff I've bought. Now, I try to make a list and just buy a few things extra, but it's hard for me. For example, there were fresh tulips at the store tonight for the first time this "spring" and now they are home with us in Dan's pretty vase. For another example, pita chips. Am newly addicted. My friend Dana kindly reminded me a couple of days ago how much I am NOT keeping up with my new year's goals. Kind of her, I know. But, she's right. I have revisited and am recommitting rather than giving up. Yes, working out. Yes, calling people more. Yes, stop buying less (ahem, previous paragraph). Will definitely need to focus. Although, would rather do myriad of other things than focus. *sigh* Dave Matthews released their summer tourdates. You know I'm excited. *does dance of joy* Yes, I know you all think I'm nuts for continuing to see them in concert. And, I'm ok with it.

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lb said...

I also love grocery shopping!!! I also love you.