Las Vegas, part deux

So, we went to Vegas earlier this month. I, for one, am not a HUGE fan of Vegas. I think it has it's benefits - there are some sights to be seen there that can't be found anywhere else. There is amazing food, and amazing shows and people acting like complete fools, who have 120% bought into the concept of "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" (except you're taking PICTURES you asshat. clearly, you will have evidence of this tomorrow...argh.) Anyway, I don't love the too-much. It's too much every-single-damn-thing. Too many lights, too loud music, too expensive, too much cigarette smoke, you get my drift. So, I really appreciate the parts of Vegas that I like. I really don't spend much time doing the other things, especially since Dan has been more than once now and we don't have to wander through the hotels looking at all the gimmicks. Because what is Vegas really except bright, flashy gimmicks? But, Dan got a free hotel stay through some company that wanted us to sit through a timeshare presentation (and what fun that was!) so we went for Dan's birthday because, hey! Two nights for free. Vegas on the cheap. When we arrived, we pulled into our ridiculously cheesy hotel (which, I for one, was expecting. It's free. It's not the Bellagio) which had horrible themed murals and props and the lobby smelled like an ashtray. Dan was pretty horrified. But, honestly, when we got to the room, I was more than OK with it. It was clean, non smoking, had a nice bed, big windows. But hideous looking, no? What did we do...the aforementioned timeshare presentation, Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay (GO if you like burgers. yum.), the Bodies exhibit which now lives at the Luxor, sushi at the Bellagio, "O" for Dan's birthday present (he loved it), lots of lion watching at the MGM, wandering around the Palazzo because I hadn't been in it yet, dancing fountain watching, and plenty of people watching (and laughing at. in all honesty.) Inside the Palazzo (attached to the Venetian) shops, which was decked out for Lunar New Year Kitty! One of the new adventures this time around, we took a taxi to "downtown" Vegas, which is where all the old-timey casinos are, which was really fun. They have all the old school style buffets and neon that you see in movies and TV shows. But, for like 10 years, 5 entire blocks of Fremont Street has been covered with a canopy style LED screen (the world's largest) that plays every hour at night. The night we were there, 11 pm was an omage to Kiss. It's actually pretty loud and awkward, since you're staring straight up. But, the visual effect of it is pretty cool. And, all the area under the screen is closed to traffic and has lots of street performers and other good times. I actually enjoyed wandering through the casinos more down there than on the Strip - we watch people play, but don't usually gamble. I watch roulette, and Dan watches Hold 'Em. Her leg used to kick, but when they put the screen in, they turned the movement off. So, that was Vegas 2009. Except, we already have plans to go back in June, because we found a SWEET deal offering rooms at Mandalay Bay, my favorite Vegas hotel, for cheap. The plan is some shows, some laying by the pool and some Bellagio fountains for just two nights. Anyone want to join??

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