Greetings from KK, Dan and KK's dad

Well, my dad arrived today - he has come to visit for just a couple of days, before he goes and climbs some mountains in Colorado. Sounds random, but he's been doing it for years. It's nice to only have been here for a couple of weeks (literally!) and see another familiar face (I mean, besides Dan's, I see his every day). He got in safely today, and we spent some time wandering around Berkeley and then we went to my favorite casual Indian restaurant tonight for dinner. Tomorrow, he and Dan are going to explore SF while I'm at work and then I'll join them in the city for dinner. Good times. Dad has never been here before, he seems to be enjoying it so far. He flew into some GORGEOUS weather, so he was lucky there.

Currently (seriously) he's modeling his new hiking backpack for us. While it is lovely, I really have no idea what to look for in a backpack? Apparently though, it fits very nicely. And he can carry 60 pounds in it (WHY do people do things like this???)

Also, today began my RD training - last week I was being trained as new staff, this week starts annual RD training, which all RDs participate in. Part of today was crisis management and emergency response, including what to do in an earthquake. Helpful. Would have been more helpful last week. But, in case you don't know, duck and cover, or if you're outside, get into a door frame and brace yourself. If you're driving, stay in the car. Those are today's helpful hints. Brought to you by the numbers 7 and 41 and the letter J.

Photos abound, because I think this post is boring. These are from my friend Dana's wedding - who got married on 7/7/07 AND I just found out is coming to VISIT me in October/November. May all the rest of you feel like bad friends now. Not really, I love you all, but I would love to see your faces.

We are pretty cute. And she is a gorgeous gorgeous bride.

Mr. and Mrs. Behum

Pretty cake - also yummy. A hard balance to achieve.


bee said...

Don't ask Blue Benson for advice on earthquake safety. When I was a baby, there was an earthquake and she freaked and ran for a doorway...and left me in my crib. Way to go, Mom-of-the-year.

She went back and got me though, which was nice of her. I've since forgiven her.

I MISS YOU! The end.

Meghan said...

Blue left Laura?! Poor Laura! But we know everyone is safe so I'm laughing extremely hard at the moment.

Kristin & Dan, during your next earthquake be sure not to leave each other in the crib.