Congratulations are in order!!!


Congrats to the newlyweds :) Jean and Lee, we're all very happy for you!

3 comments: said...

Hello my sweet baby girl and to her sweet young man. Sounds like you two crazy kids are adapting quite well to the California way of life -- outside playing and enjoying your new surroundings! Good for you. JEAN MARRIED??!! OMG...did you see that one coming? Honestly though..congrats to the both of them! Love the eases the pain of missing your smiling face(s)! I'm so relieved that the move is agreeable for the both of you. I love you. MOM

ro! said...

hey i took that pic! haha

i'm so excited the blog is back! woot woot!

Jean said...

So I'm behind - thanks for the CONGRATS!

Great to see you FOUR the other night :) Pet Lilly and James for me :)

Love you both,