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Not to alarm you with the sudden change of address, but we decided to start this new blog because really, Dan lives here too. So, welcome to our new online home. Hopefully we can entertain you for at least a few minutes while you're at work. (LB - I'm looking at you.)

So, just to update from the last post (which was on the old blog...mental note to import that) our stuff has arrived safe and sound. It actually arrived one week ago today! We have mostly unpacked our stuff - we only have clothes to go. Things are hanging on the walls, furniture has been moved around, etc. Seriously, I never want to move again. What a process. Honestly, it wasn't that bad, but those last couple of days before we actually had to move were awful. If you attended the "Goodbye to KK and Dan" fete the night before we left, THANK YOU for your help getting all of that crap out of the apartment (Jess Menrath. Wow. You are our new favorite person). So anyway, we got here, our stuff got here, less one wine glass and one champagne flute that broke on the way. But seriously, I was more than happy with the amount of stuff that did NOT break.

What else. We bought our first piece of grown up furniture from IKEA and put it together. It's an island for the kitchen and we love it to death. It gives us some counter space and holds all of our wine on racks underneath. It's pretty sweet.

My job is going really really well - I've just been in training so far (you know, here is how you log into your email...here is where we store the copy paper, etc.) but everyone has been super super nice. I actually went on retreat yesterday into the hills of Marin County with the rest of my department and we...retreated. Lots of exercises on comunication and social justice and goals and the whatnot.

Dan's job hunt is going, he's sent out info to a bunch of companies and is hoping to hear from people ASAP. While I would love for him to get a job, he's been great putting our lives together in our apartment and stuff, because I started work the first full day we were here!

The big news of the day is that at about 4:40 AM, we felt our first earthquake! It woke us up, and apparently caused some damage in the area. This earthquake was actually the largest that has occurred in awhile. Dan did some research and some articles said that the Bay Bridge actually swayed and there were some broken windows in the area (including the closest grocery store to us).

What you may not know is that Berkeley sits directly on the Hayward Fault, which is pretty active. The Cal football stadium actually has a large visible crack that was caused by an earthquake (I'm not sure when). You can see a photo of it below, which was taken last week when Dan and I snuck in to take pictures (by snuck in I mean walked through the open door). We also got some good shots of the stadium in general and the view of the Bay and San Francisco from the press box (see the photo at the beginning of this post).

(clearly, this is MY section)

(Go Bears!)

(Cal starts with a C!)

(That's right, I'm pointing at the crack.)

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